GATCO and the British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) are hosting the fourth edition of the Controller-Pilot Symposium in November 2021, which will have a completely different format given the current pandemic. The event will be online via Zoom and will include 4 sessions spread over November, including presentations and panel discussions. Each session will be on a Monday morning starting 1 November 2021 at 10am UK time.

The event aims to bring together air traffic controllers, pilots and other aviation and air traffic management professionals to discuss issues of mutual interest. Every session will include time for questions from the audience.

This year’s sessions are (all starting at 10am UK time):

  • 1 November 2021 – Lessons from a Pandemic
    The last 18 months have been very challenging for the aviation community. As traffic levels begin to trend upwards, this panel session aims to reflect on the lessons to be learnt from a pandemic from an operational perspective and to discuss how to best navigate the challenges of the future.

    • Moderator: Joji Waites, Head of Flight Safety, BALPA.
    • Steve Forward, Director of Aviation, CHIRP.
    • Glenn Bradley, Head of Flight Operations, Civil Aviation Authority.
    • Kathryn Jones, Human Factors Programme Lead, Civil Aviation Authority.
  • 8 November 2021 – Automation and AI in Aviation
    As automation becomes more sophisticated, how do we ensure that the user remains “in the loop” and that technology does not detract from their decision-making ability and responsibility? This session will look at how current and future technologies can be used to assist the human operator instead of competing with them.

    • Host: Stuart Clarke, Flight Safety Advisor, BALPA.
    • Michael Windsor, A350 First Officer and Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Bristol Ground School
    • Peter Hendrickx, Head of ATM Development, EUROCONTROL.
    • Adam Tisza, Automation Strategist and Cognitive Ergonomist, EUROCONTROL.
  • 15 November 2021 – Our Impact on the Climate… and its Impact on Us
    How can the aviation industry mitigate its impact on the climate and meet the challenging emissions targets now being enforced in the UK, EU and internationally? Would sustainable aviation fuels and contrail avoidance be enough?

    • Host: Jess Starmer, Member of the Environment Study Group, BALPA.
    • Didier Moraine, Director, European Cockpit Association.
    • Adam Durant, CEO, SATAVIA.
    • Prof Paul Williams, Professor of Atmospheric Science, Reading University.
  • 22 November 2021 – Controller-Pilot Operational Interface
    Back by popular demand, this year’s edition will be another opportunity for air traffic controllers and pilots to ask each other all those questions they never have time to ask on the frequency.

    • Moderator: Olivia May, Luton Airport Air Traffic Controller, NATS.
    • Adam Spink, Heathrow Tower Air Traffic Controller and ATC Ops Support, NATS.
    • Gareth Richardson, Luton, London City and Heathrow SVFR Air Traffic Controller, NATS.
    • Linton Foat, Flight Manager Standards, Lilium, and Ex-Airline Captain.
    • Glen Morean, Airline Captain.

Should you have any questions about the event, please e-mail us at info (at) gatco (dot) org.

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