Get Involved

The pace of change in the ATM profession has been accelerating in recent years and many aspects of our profession will experience significant changes in the near future, be it on the technical, professional, human factors or regulatory sides. For those reasons, we are always on the look out for new members to get involved in GATCO and make sure we can influence the future of the ATM profession in as many areas as possible.

If you have an interest in your profession outside of your daily job and want to share your views and those of our members at the highest national and international levels, we would love to hear from you. You can help GATCO in a number of ways and no previous experience is necessary:

  • Collaborate with the policies team in creating new GATCO policies.
  • Represent GATCO in other aviation-related UK organisations.
  • Coordinate GATCO’s response to UK airspace consultations.
  • Get involved in SESAR projects within the SESAR 2020 framework, as an advisor from a professional staff organisation (the term used for GATCO and other similar associations within SESAR).
  • Become an ICAO representative to influence the future of aviation at the highest level.
  • Help with the day to day running of GATCO.
  • Bring ATM-related professional issues to the attention of the GATCO.

In all the above areas, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow air traffic controllers from the UK and beyond. Some of the roles will require some level of national or international travel, funded by GATCO.

In addition, collaborating with GATCO and IFATCA, you will develop your professional CV, be at the forefront of our profession, influence regulators, ANSPs and other associations which are currently shaping up the future of ATM.

If any of the above interests you and want to get involved, please send us an email at info (at) gatco (dot) org, explaining what your professional interests are and we will make sure you can develop them further within GATCO.