The 67th GATCO Annual General Meeting will take place online via Zoom on Tuesday 12 October 2021 at 3:00pm. GATCO members wishing to attend the AGM shall e-mail Katie Mason, es (at) gatco (dot) org, with their names and the e-mail address they want their Zoom invitation to be sent to ahead of the AGM. The reports to the AGM can be found in the members area of the website.


1. Apologies for Absence

2. Record of Proxy Votes

3. Remembrances

4. To adopt the Notes of the 66th AGM

5. Matters arising from the 66th AGM

6. Executive Board Reports

  • Questions and comments on the reports. NOTE: These reports will have been published on this website before the AGM. Members are invited to read the reports before the AGM. The AGM will not include the reading of each report.

7. Financial Activity

  • Questions and comments on the report. NOTE: The same note as in agenda item 6 applies to this report.

8. Executive Board Elections

9. Other Business

10. Open Forum

By order of the Executive Board

Katie Mason
4 St Mary’s Road, Bingham
Nottinghamshire NG13 8DW
E-mail: es (at) gatco (dot) org


1. Under item 10, members may raise any matter concerning GATCO which they may wish to be discussed and/or considered by the Executive Board during the ensuing year.

2. The associated instrument of proxy is for members who are unable to attend the AGM (corporate and student members are welcome to attend but may not vote). The proxy form, which can be found here, should be printed, duly completed and forwarded to: Katie Mason, Executive Secretary, 4 St Mary’s Road, Bingham, Nottinghamshire NG13 8DW to be received no later than 48 hours before the AGM.

3. Nominations for the Executive Board vacancies should be notified as soon as possible to the Executive Secretary.

4. The AGM will be concluded by 5:00pm.