GATCO has been working with its corporate members Global ATS and FTE Jerez, both certified Air Traffic Control (ATC) initial training organisations, to provide further training options for those ATC trainees who have recently had their training terminated by NATS.

Global ATS provides aerodrome and approach control training while FTE Jerez provides area control training. Both companies have developed training proposals based on a best possible price, which will vary according to the amount of training a trainee has already undertaken. While most of the 122 trainees were destined for area control, we are making it possible for trainees to switch to aerodrome and approach control which, in turn, could provide a greater number of employment opportunities, once the trainees have obtained their student ATC licences.

GATCO initiated the discussions with Global ATS and FTE Jerez not only because it believes that, in the future, the aviation ecosystem will need more air traffic controllers, but because it is key for our profession that those who have already gone through a thorough and exhaustive selection process and have begun training are given every opportunity to complete that training and continue their dream career.

GATCO recognises that discussions are still ongoing and that it might be possible for some of those trainees to remain within NATS but we encourage those interested in finding out more about the options available to contact GATCO on the e-mail address below.

GATCO is pleased to note that NATS has been supportive of this initiative.

GATCO contact: info (at) gatco (dot) org