GATCO and the British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) are hosting the third edition of the Controller-Pilot Symposium in November 2020, which will have a completely different format given the current pandemic. The event will be online via Webex and will include 5 sessions spread over November, including presentations and panel discussions. Each session will be on a Monday morning at 10am UK time.

The event aims to bring together air traffic controllers, pilots and other aviation and air traffic management professionals to discuss issues of mutual interest. Every session will include time for questions from the audience.

This year’s sessions are (all starting at 10am UK time):

  • 2 November 2020 – The Future of Air Traffic Management. Is this pandemic an opportunity to completely rethink air traffic management, its use of technology, funding mechanisms and business model?
    • Luis Barbero, President and CEO, GATCO – Heathrow Approach Air Traffic Controller, NATS.

You can watch the recording of this session here.

  • 9 November 2020 – Controller-Pilot Operational Interface. An opportunity for air traffic controllers and pilots to ask each other all those questions they never have time to ask on the frequency.
    • Moderator: Mike Thrower, Chair Air Traffic Services Study Group, BALPA.
    • Linton Foat, Airline Captain and Operations and Safety Management Consultant.
    • Julian Ogilvie, Geneva Tower and Approach Air Traffic Controller, Skyguide.
    • Thomas Harrison, Manager Technical and Operations, GATCO – Air Traffic Controller at London Area Control Centre, NATS.

You can watch the recording of this session here.

  • 16 November 2020 – Mindfulness and Wellbeing for Pilots and Controllers. How can pilots and air traffic controllers maintain or improve their state of wellbeing and support their peers in the current challenging circumstances?
    • David García Hermosilla, Air Traffic Controller at Barcelona Area Control Centre, ENAIRE – Qualified Human Factors Practitioner by EUROCONTROL.

You can watch the recording of this session here.

  • 23 November 2020 – UK Civil Aviation Authority Innovation Hub. The CAA Innovation team will present the work they are doing to shape the technological future of aviation and air traffic management.
    • David Tait, Head of Innovation, Civil Aviation Authority.
    • Alex Georgiades, Innovation Services Principal, Civil Aviation Authority.
    • Angela Lynch, Regulatory Innovation Specialist, Civil Aviation Authority.

You can watch the recording of this session here.

  • 30 November 2020 – Post COVID/Brexit Aviation Landscape Panel. An opportunity to find out what industry stakeholders think of the challenges we are facing and how aviation will change going forward.
    • Moderator: Marc Baumgartner, Chair Performance Review Commission – Air Traffic Controller and Supervisor at Geneva Area Control Centre.
    • Juliet Kennedy, Operations Director, NATS.
    • Tanja Grobotek, Director Europe Affairs, CANSO.
    • Xavier Fron, Special Advisor, EUROCONTROL.
    • Brian Shury, Director of Professional and Government Affairs, IFALPA.
    • Arik Zipser, Technical Affairs Director, ECA.

Additional details for each session will be published in the coming days.

Should you have any questions about the event, please e-mail us at info (at) gatco (dot) org.

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