23 March 2021 – 28 April 2021

The DfT has opened a consultation on the Pilot Common Project. It sets out the proposed review of retained EU ATM legislation and seeks to establish the next steps in relation to the PCP.

Consultation Questions:

(1)    Are the Initiatives Listed in the Retained EU Regulation 716/2014 still appropriate?

(2)    Are there any initiatives missing?

(3)    Are the dates achievable? If not, what would be appropriate due dates?

(4)    If not, what would be appropriate due dates?

(5)    Should we even regulate at all? Should the industry be left to decide what they need to deploy?

(6)    What would be the consequences of not regulating, both negative and positive?

You can find the information relating to this consultation here.

Members can send their feedback via e-mail to consultations (at) gatco (dot) org.