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  • Airbus launches AirSense with Aireon in strategic partnership
    Airbus Defence and Space has launched AirSense, an advanced analytics solution enabled by multi-source surveillance data, based on global Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data. AirSense is based on a partnership between Airbus and Aireon, provider of global, space-based ADS-B data. The agreement, signed at Farnborough ... read more
  • Inmarsat, ESA complete major Iris milestone
    Inmarsat and the European Space Agency (ESA), have completed the first test flight using the world’s most advanced aviation satellite technology for their Iris programme in support of European air traffic modernisation.  The evaluation is a significant step forward in ... read more
  • Airbus eyes airports, ATM as revenue generator
    Airbus has outlined its ambition to grow revenues and boost customer value from its services offering. The European airframer at this year’s Farnborough Air Show said that after an 18 per cent annual growth in services revenues for the past two years, its ambition is now ... read more
  • Emerging aviation superpower authorities visit EUROCONTROL
    Publication date: 2018-07-19 00:00Chinese experts toured the simulation and validation facilities at our Experimental Centre (EEC) with a focus on the environmental tools we offer - a visit organised in the context of the EU-China seminar on the development of green civil aviation.Read more ... read more
  • Air Travel Trust Report and Financial Statements 2018
    The Air Travel Trust Report and Financial Statements 2018 published today. ... read more
  • Boeing, SparkCognition aim to lead on UTM
    Boeing is collaborating with artificial intelligence (AI) technology house SparkCognition to deliver unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) solutions. Boeing and SparkCognition will use artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to track unmanned air vehicles in flight and allocate traffic corridors and routes to ensure safe, secure ... read more
  • IATA calls for more resources as European ATC delays are set to cripple air travel over summer
    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has added to calls issued by European controller unions for more investment in the European ATM industry. IATA said the governments and air navigation service providers of Europe need to address the region’s airspace bottlenecks, as new data revealed that ... read more
  • Safety Dimension
    As air traffic grows in Europe’s skies, so does the challenge to ensure that its airports are safely accessible at all times. BLUEGNSS, a project supported by the EU and which is due to complete today (July 18), has been developing global satellite navigation ... read more
  • Controllers demand Brussels ease cost-cutting
    European controllers are insisting that the severe economic impact of Brussels legislation on air navigation service providers is crippling investment in both infrastructure and people. Europe’s transport chief Violeta Bulc in a joint statement with Karima Delli, chair of the European Parliament’s transport committee, recently issued a ... read more
  • Airbus targets FANS-C certification by year-end
    European airframer Airbus is to demonstrate new FANS-C navigation capability for Airbus-led SESAR project. An Airbus-led project to demonstrate the sharing of an aircraft’s predicted trajectory data with air traffic control will begin its operational phase involving revenue flights on 100 A320 Family aircraft later this ... read more
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