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  • CAA statement on Class 1 Medical Certification
    Statement on medical requirements for Class 1 ... read more
  • Busiest ever year for IAA with 1.1m flights
    The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) confirmed today that 1,135,845 total flights were safely handled in Ireland in 2017, a new record. This marks a significant increase in Irish air traffic of + 2.5% over 2016 figures. Peter Kearney, chief executive designate of the IAA said; ... read more
  • Micro Nav appoints Pile new ops director
    Micro Nav has appointed Greg Pile to the role of operations director. The business said Pile brings a wealth of experience in air traffic management and air traffic control simulation to the company, having spent the last 18 years working in the simulation environment. For ... read more
  • Frequentis appoints Madge as UK chief
    Andy Madge has joined Frequentis UK, taking over responsibility for the UK and Ireland subsidiary of the Frequentis Group. The phased handover from existing MD John Gurney will conclude John’s 18 successful years with Frequentis to begin his retirement in early spring. Frequentis UK is ... read more
  • SESAR DM appoints strategy, tech & ops chief
    The SESAR Deployment Alliance (SDA), in its role as the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) on behalf of the European Commission, has appointed Mariagrazia La Piscopia as its new head of strategy, technical and operations. Before joining SDM, La Piscopia headed Italy’s ENAV international coordination and ... read more
  • Atech, DECEA, CISCEA hail success of FPL-BR
    Brazilian system developer Atech has in the last four months, together with CISCEA (Deployment Commission for the Airspace Control System and DECEA (Department of Airspace Control) developed the FPL BR app to submit flight plan messages through smartphones and tablets. The application is compatible with the IOS ... read more
  • European traffic drives growth of Frankfurt
    Germany’s largest aviation hub Frankfurt Airport closed the year 2017 with 6.1 per cent growth, managing more than 64.5 million passengers. European traffic served as the main growth driver, increasing by 7.4 per cent, while intercontinental traffic rose by 4.9 per cent. Aircraft movements at Frankfurt ... read more
  • Airline industry developing turbulence database
    Airline industry body IATA is developing a turbulence information-sharing platform, which it aims to launch in 2019. Working in collaboration with airlines and industry stakeholders, IATA will develop a global database of real-time, aircraft-sensed turbulence reports. Turbulence is the leading cause of injuries to passengers ... read more
  • NAV Portugal appoints new chief
    Jorge Manuel da Mota Ponce de Leão has been appointed president of the Board of NAV Portugal where he joins Egídia Pinto de Queiroz Martins and Francisco Cézar Ramos Fernandes Gil. Ponce de Leão graduated in Law in 1969 from the University of Coimbra, ... read more
  • LFV switches Sundsvall Timrå to remote ATC
    At the end of December, Sundsvall Timrå Airport in northern Sweden became the country’s second airport to have remote air traffic control. At 07.00 on 20 December, the tower was closed down and the air traffic control service was transferred to LFV’s control centre. The ... read more
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