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RAF Brize Norton airspace change proposal – Changes to controlled airspace

Consultation: 15th December 2017 - 22nd March 2018.RAF Brize Norton (BZN) is proposing changes to the controlled airspace (CAS) designed to protect aircraft inbound and outbound from the aerodrome. The CAS surrounding BZN has been in place for over 40 years resulting in aircraft currently leaving CAS, ,which can bring them into conflict with other [...]

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London Oxford Airport airspace change proposal – New arrival procedures

Consultation: 15th December 2017 - 22nd March 2018. London Oxford Airport (LOA), in cooperation with RAF Brize Norton (BZN), is looking to introduce new arrival procedures and to restructure the local airspace in a manner that enhances levels of safety, improves efficiency by reducing the number of broken off approaches and ensures effective coordination between [...]

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CAA Consultation on Draft Policy for the Approval of Aerodrome Remote Towers

Consultation: 13th December 2017 - 26th January 2018.The CAA is developing policy and supporting guidance to address the implementation and operation of remote towers in all of their forms. This is the first phase of policy and guidance development, which will be progressively developed as technology, procedures and regulatory requirements associated with such facilities evolve. [...]

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Haverfordwest Aerodrome airspace change proposal – RNAV instrument approaches

Consultation: 20th November 2017 - 26th February 2018. Haverfordwest Aerodrome wishes to introduce more accurate, predictable and safer approach procedures for aircraft approaching runway 03 and 21, using RNAV technology. The main purpose is to allow safer approaches to the aerodrome when the weather is poor (e.g. low cloud base). The introduction of these approaches [...]

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Hawarden Airport – GNSS approaches and amendment of conventional IFR procedures

Consultation: 9th November 2017 - 9th February 2018. Hawarden Airport are consulting on the introduction of GNSS approaches to runways 04 and 22, with the aim of improving the resilience of the airport and without removing current IFR procedures. In addition, Hawarden Airport is proposing to update current conventional IFR procedures to be compliant with [...]

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CAA Guidance to NATS En Route for Reference Period 3

Consultation: 29th September 2017 - 10th November 2017. The CAA seeks views from all interested parties on its approach to business plan guidance to NATS En Route Plc (NERL) for Reference Period 3 (2020-2024) of the European Union's Single European Sky performance scheme for air navigation services. Following consideration of feedback on the document and [...]

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Doncaster Sheffield Airport airspace change proposal – RNAV departure and approach procedures

Consultation: 25th September 2017 - 15th December 2017. Doncaster Sheffield Airport are consulting on the introduction of aRea NAVigation (RNAV) Standard Instrument Departure (SID) procedures and RNAV Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs). The adoption of the SIDs requires an additional portion of controlled airspace for procedure containment to the east of the airfield. The procedures will [...]

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GATCO at the 2017 IFATCA European Regional Meeting in Austria

Jez Pigden and Tom Harrison, Manager Professional and Legal, attended 2 days of the 2017 European Regional Meeting (ERM) of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA), which took place in Loipersdorf, Austria, from the 26th to the 28th of September, and contained a full and interesting program of various ATC topics. [...]

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